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    Dear Customers, dear model car fans, dear fans of CMC,

    CMC will celebrate its 25th anniversary next year.

    This is reason enough for us to thank our customers and fans by inviting you to an ideas competition. In any case, we would like to realize one of your ideas, perhaps even more than one, by 2020.

    The winner, whose proposal will be realized, obtains from us a 1/18 scale model of the then brand new Mercedes 600 Pullman.

    As a starting point, we have selected some existing models from our range, for which you can send us your ideas:

    1.) M-100 (B-003) CMC Bugatti Type 35, 1924 Nation Colour Project - Poland
    2.) M-105              CMC Maserati 300S, 1956
    3.) M-107              CMC Alfa 8C 2900B Speciale Touring Coupe, 1938
    4.) M-109              CMC Maserati 300S Rolling Chassis, 1956
    5.) M-122              CMC Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage Spaceframe
    6.) M-138              CMC Alfa 6C 1750 GS, 1930
    7.) M-145              CMC Talbot Lago Coupé 150 SS, 1937-38
    8.) M-177              CMC Lancia D50, 1955 Monaco GP #30

    Let your creativity run and tell us what you would do with these models.

    This can be a diorama, a dirt effect (Dirty Hero), an artistic interpretation, or something completely different.

    We also do not want to tell you too much about the form of submission.

    Send us photos, pictures, sketches, a short film - just what best transports your idea, to e-mail:

    Of course, do not forget to provide your name and contact details.

    Closing date is July 15, 2019.

    Your CMC team

  • Nuremberg Toy Fair 2019


    Welcome to CMC – Classic Model Cars

    From 30th January until 3rd February 2019 the Nuremberg Toy Fair open its doors.

    Use this possibility to get information about the latest trends and products in our branch, and make your own personal firsthand experience with the numerous novelties.

    Also in 2019 the CMC GmbH & Co. KG, as a manufacturer of extraordinary scale model cars, participates at this Fair. Naturally we’ll present our current product range and furthermore we familiarise you with our latest and highly interesting model development.

    So be invited ( only DEALERS ! ) to visit us at our exhibition booth, to take a closer look at our classics and our novelties!

    +++NEW – You’ll find us in Hall 7 / booth C-47, D-50 NEW+++

    We’re looking forward to a personal meeting with you!

    We wish you a safe trip to the fair and remain with best regards.

    Your CMC-Team!

  • Nominated at the MODEL CAR HALL OF FAME


    ......and the nominees for the model car of the year are


    in the catagory Model Truck:

    CMC Mercedes-Benz Racing Car Transporter LO 2750, 1934-1938


    in the catagory Scale 1:18:

    CMC Bugatti Typ 57 SC Atlantic, 1938


    If you want to vote, find below the link to the voting:




  • CMC Bugatti Typ 35 Grand Prix Nation Color Project


    Scale 1:18 / Item.No.: M-100- B001 – B-016


    The black and white pictures in the contemporary archives, however, fail to do justice to all the colourful race cars of the 1920s and 1930s. Since rules dictated back then that each participating team must have its car(s) donned in a finish of nation-specific colour(s), the starting field typically presented a fantastic, colourful scene.


    CMC presents these colorful race cars in a model series that is UNIQUE in this form. Please place your order immediately, all models are limited!


    It was the motor-sports-craving France that inaugurated the first “Grand Prix” race in 1906. Following the end of WWI, other countries began to host the so-called “Great Prices” races, as well. With the popularity of “Grand Prix” growing in the world, it soon became synonymous with international motor racing.


    Bugatti dominated the motor racing era from the mid twenties up to the early thirties with the Type 35. In this era women dared to sit behind the same racing car wheel as the famed male driver heroes were turning. They cleverly understood how to obtain acceptance in the racing world and they got kudos from their collegues for their lion hearts.


    While developing the Bugatti Nation Color Project we took a deeper look behind the black and white curtains of the historic motor sports era. The racing world of the mid twenties to the thirties was thoroughly dominated by famous race drivers like Bubi and Karle. The race teams often also had gentleman drivers also financing the whole racing activities.


    Girlpower at the steering wheel. this was far away from being the generally accepted routine. It was wholly sensational.


    Two woman race drivers had been especially in the spot light back then – the young French born former Moulin Rouge dancer „Helle´- Nice“ and the Czech born, outstandingly talented banker´s wife Elisabeth Junek. Both drivers highly appreciated the den Bugatti type 35 and were able to handle this car brilliantly and sucessfully.


    We hope having raised your expectations regarding the outstanding vita and racing career of the mentioned female racing drivers. You may research the full stories using the quotation notes at the end of our Bugatti Type 35 article.


    Each CMC Colour Nation Bugatti model is individual characterized by the respective "country color" Numberplate and fictional race number. Likewise, different leather colors as well the movable driver's windshield with leather apron or protective grid.


    Quellennachweis Elisabeth Junek


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  • The Archetype of a Whole Era CMC Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix, 192


    Scale 1:18 / Item.No.: M-063


    Ettore Bugatti, born in Milan September 15th, 1881. Already in his young years, he founded his own factory in Molsheim / Alsace. Within few years everybody in the still young world of the automobile was talking about the "Genius of Molsheim".


    For Ettore Bugatti, building cars was simply a matter of seeking perfection or, in other words, a kind of art which had to be presented in an aesthetic way.


    Ettore Bugatti belongs without a doubt to the most ingenious designing engineers in automobile history. Already one of the first creations of the so-called „Le Patron“, the Bugatti Type 35“, became a technical masterpiece.


    It became a classic and the source of inspiration for many further racing- and sports cars.


    In 1924 the Type 35 started an era. Bugatti dominated the motorsport scene for seven years. Something that didn´t happened before and probably will never again.


    CMC wants to contribute its part to that success story of immense technical and aesthetic fascination. We like to present our replication of the Type 35 Grand Prix as a highly detailed 1:18 scale model.


    926 single parts, a lot of experience and love to detail were necessary to create the Grand Prix racing version (without a spare wheel) of that Bugatti - the famous brand with its prominent horseshoe formed radiator grille.



  • Breaking News About CMC Lancia D50


    Dear Sir/Madam,


    CMC is announcing the arrival of its newly-developed CMC Lancia D50 replicas in a few weeks, just in time for the celebrations of Christmas.


    Don’t miss out on the chance of acquiring a unique, first-class CMC model. Although market demand for this replica is expected to be high, we are committed to processing your order in a timely fashion and expediting its delivery to you to the best of our ability.


    The Lancia D50 has gone down in the history of Grand Prix because of its unique, cutting-edge construction. The famous outlay of two pannier fuel cells, each aligned with the front and rear wheels, speaks volumes about the avant-garde spirit of its chief engineer Vittorio Jano.  Such arrangement remained one of a kind during the time of the D50. But while this ground-breaking feature was never replicated on any other Formula One car, it was adopted years later by one sports car after another in racing. This is why we believe a CMC-made Lancia D50 model belongs in every serious collection of model cars.


    In the near future, the CMC Lancia D50 will be joined by another world-famous Formula One racing car, which has a close affinity with the Lancia technically, and it will be released by CMC in 2018.


    With these two models - the CMC Lancia D50 and its consanguine "cousin" – joining in your collection, your possession of an important piece of racing history and memory, will be complete, especially in connection with the Formula One tradition and the ground-breaking innovations it represents. Given their potential to be conceived as a set, these two unique and world-class models will take on added value as collector’s items.


    With best regards,


    CMC Team

  • CMC Lancia D50 Image of Production


    The CMC replica of the Lancia D50, 1954 & 1955 will be available on the market soon. This is one of the most sophisticated models presented by CMC; It is handcrafted from 1,598 parts, most of which are made of zinc alloy, stainless steel, copper, and other metal materials in addition to resin, genuine leather and rubber. We have invested an enormous amount of time in the efforts to develop and perfect this replica. Hopefully, it will live up to your expectations, as well. Here are some of the pictures taken of the Lancia D50 production line so that our customers will learn more about this model’s production process. As will be seen, we use a lot of screws and rivets rather than glue for joining constituent parts, which greatly improves the reliability of our products to remain intact over time and during transportation.

  • CMC Lancia D50 Brochure Download


    Here's our new models CMC Lancia D50 brochure for download to see more details.

  • Development story of Talbot-Lago T150 C-SS (News August 2017)


    The Talbot is one of the most famous classic car of 1930s. In order to maximize the simulation of this car, the CMC technical team in 2015 – 2016 two times visited France and took photos and measurement data and received a lot of support from the owner and the workshop manager.


    During the development period we also received a lot of help of the experts and friends in France and Switzerland. We take this occasion to express our sincere thanks to them.


    Here are a few Photos recording some of the precious memories during the development of this model car.

  • CMC Talbot Lago T150 C-SS “Teardrop” Bruchure Download


    Here's our new models CMC Talbot-Lago Coupr T150 C-SS "Teardrop" Figoni & Falaschi brochure for download to see more details.

  • CMC Talbot-Lago Coupe Typ 150 C-SS Image of Production


    CMC Talbot-Lago Coupe Typ 150 C-SS Image of Production

    News of the day : These are pictures from the CMC Factory, last week... It's now the production of the «Memory Edition» of the 1/18 Talbot-Lago T150 C-SS !

    Discover and admire the CMC craftsmen savoir-faire. It's absolutely unique in the high-end diecast industry.


  • CMC M-143 Mercedes-Benz Renntransporter news


    Mercedes-Benz Renntransporter proucton and packaging photo.

  • CMC Modifications/Improvements on the "The Blue Wonder"



    Today we'd like to show you, which improvements we will realize on the REVISED VERSION of the Blue Wonder and which new parts will be added. Therefore please click the attached link with the PDF.

  • CMC 2016 Nuremberg Toy Fair





    CMC Ferrari 250 GTO "Hidden secrets" Explanation of production details that can't be seen


    Madams and Sirs
    Dear Customers


    Wht is it tat makes this model so unique? The first thing you might notice are the extraordinary, soft and perfect in form lines of the body. Perfect contours and harmoniously created curves are characterizing the image of the bodywork.

    Our GTO is an all metal model and the major component is zinc die-cast. But working with this material in the conventional way will cause problems if you want to reach a certain wall thickness or if you want to recreate complex lines. So we tried to figure out, how can we still be filigree and true to the original form and also stay true to our own ambitious quality benchmark.

    It has shown, that sophisticated bodyforms are nearly impossible to recreate with the conventional die-cast process if you don't want to make any compromises regarding the wall thickness or the original form. This was something we definitely had o prevent. That's the reason we decided to look for different ways.

    So now we spli the whole body in different sections. If we work on extremely critical body sections, we create separate castings or parts made of other metals that we integrate into the body. To connect those single parts, we tried different techniques. But gluing and also soldering turned out to be not the ideal solution. So finally we decided to realize an elaborate screwing technique. Only this way we were to guaranty a stable an lasting solution. This way it is possible to manufacture individual top- and bottom parts which can be connected by this screwing technique. Also front- and rear parts of the models can be produces this way in a very individual way.

    Subsequent pictures will display this technology in detail. After connecting and assembling the single parts, the slits and gaps become filled with a special putty, carefully slurred and polished. A test of the form stability is finishing the part of the production prcess. The result is an immaculate and perfect shaped surface condition and a wall thickness within the favored specifications.

    Ths is what we all "inner values". A screwing technology which became invisible within the prduction process. The outcome is a satisfying and pristine beauty in unmatched quality.

    We hope we were able to provide you with a little insight into the world of the CMC production techniques. We hope this makes you appreciate your CMC models even a little more.

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